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Supporter Acquisition

Available Products:

  • Fundraising Lottery Calling
  • MCS Single Gift Donation Drive

Target Focus:

  • Acquiring single gifts / once-off donations / promotion and sales of lottery entries

Lead Type:

  • Residential Data

Product Availability:

  • 10 day trial of 375 hours – Commencement within 21 days of order confirmation.

“Single Gift” Acquisition Campaigns are a focus of many fundraising strategies. QDF are experts in the operation of fundraising programs and currently manage multiple campaigns in-house for UK Charity partners.

“Single Gift Donation Drives” and “Fundraising Lotteries” usually derive revenue from two campaign components, donations or ticket purchases are obtained from cold and previous supporter lead resources at a ratio commensurate to achieving prescribed revenue and donor volume quantities.

As a general rule, cold acquisition needs to be performed at as close to break-even as possible and completed in a volume commensurate for targeted growth and off-setting of attrition in the existing supporter base.

Outsourcing the cold acquisition component to QDF for a fraction of the costs involved in performing the campaign in-house, or outsourcing to a service provider in your local area, makes sense and it’s what many of our charity partners in the UK are already doing. QDF has a wealth of experience in producing Single Gifts with tenured sales agents who’ve been in our UK fundraising team for up to 6 years. Campaigns come with full management and data included in one low fee for each production hour completed.

Single Gift Campaign Can Accelerate Growth of Your Regular Supporter Donor Base

A goal of many charities is to promote “Single Donors” into “Regular Monthly Donors” at the lowest possible cost base. Previously this has been done in many ways and quite often involves a “2-Step” program or a “Cold Acquisition” campaign with high overheads for both fundraisers and data that greatly extends ROI timeframes.

Experience tells us that acquiring Regular Monthly Donors where no relationship currently exists, even if utilising or purchasing a high quality targeted resource, will rarely be as successful as “Cash 2 Committed” (C2C) programs that convert Single Donors into Regular Monthly Donors for your cause.

This is obviously because prospects who have provided past financial support of any kind, convert to Regular Monthly Donors at a higher rate than prospects who have not done so. As most charities have budget specific budgetary allowances for Regular Gift acquisition, it make sense to invest in the resource that has the highest rate of conversion, which historically belongs to C2C initiatives.

Therefore QDF’s aim was to use our resources and experience to create a program that could give charities a cost effective way to create a list of single donors to increase their C2C resources. These leads can then be promoted to Regular Monthly Donors at the charity’s behest and derive additional value through repeat single donations which is the natural fall-back position if a prospect refuses the request to support by Regular Gift. We believe the “MCS Single Gift Donation Drive” is the vehicle to create additional C2C lead resources for our clients and do so at zero cost.

My Charity Survey’s outbound fundraising campaigns include:
  • Full Project Management
  • Comprehensive Staff Training
  • HR Support and Talent Acquisition
  • Script design
  • Tech CRM and reporting build
Pricing for a team of 10 FTE’s is currently $10.00 USD per agent hour.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and explore new business opportunities as we look forward to be your supplier of choice.
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